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Friday, February 05, 2016


Yeah, I said it. Multislacking. I'm not actively researching at the moment (slacking) because I'm trying to get a handle on the stuff I already have! I have done years of research and photo-taking and photo scanning and interviewing John Wayne style... shooting from the hip and barely taking names... Well, after a while, it's tiring being so insane. Trust me.

So I'm going back and retro-actively becoming a bad-booty registrar. I've got my groove from museum managers and archivists, and it feels good! If you have outta control family artifacts and information, drop me a line. This is one of my inspirations: Registration Methods for the Small Museum

So I feel like I'm multi-slacking because there is a lot to do at the same time. I want to feel good about my system, so I'm trying to do it all right. I'm not sitting and watching TV, I'm not going to get mani-pedi's, or doing much house work besides the necessities. I'm actually kind of focused on getting this done so that going FORWARD, it will take care of itself. If I had it all done and current, and then I engaged a new research avenue, I would simply log each source I went to - whether online or in person- and catalog every bit that I get from those sources.

So, in my book, if I went to see my cousin Anne at her home, I would talk with her, scan documents and photos, maybe even photograph some heirlooms. I would detail my SOURCE SHEET first, then catalog the notes or recording of our conversation, catalog each scanned image, and catalog each digital photo so that they all come up under the same source code.

If I got a box from my mom and didn't have the time to go through it all immediately, I'd give it a source code and keep it all together so that when I did get a chance to look through it, I'd have a built in place for it all. I don't even have to do it all at once. I can group family and individual photos first, but keeping them in the same batch, have it all together.

If I have a loan of items, I will know exactly where it all came from due to the catalog number itself. After the catalog number I can put whatever tickler words I want to.

201601 - Ancestry.com - Everything gleaned from the megasite this year
201602 - Facebook.com - Family photos I've downloaded, notes from family postings
201603 - Maggie McDonald - Photos and documents from the Krauser line in WA DC (no, mom, this is a fictitious person, I haven't struck any gold there yet)
201604 - Phil Lowe - Interview and scanned documents and photos (again, fictitious)

201604.01 sound recording of conversation
201604.02 death certificate- Josephine
201604.03 birth certificate- Jacqueline
201604.04 crocheted tablecloth by Josephine
201604.05 detail of tablecloth

etc. etc.

What do you think?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Another way for ANYONE to contribute to the World

Yes, anyone with a computer can do this. I'm talking about indexing and transcribing... Seriously addictive and one can't help feeling a kind of pride in making vital and historical information available to the world for FREE. I've done about 100 records so far and I've just gotten started. I still feel a driving need to do my own homework, but when I can't sleep and I don't have the brains or patience for coherent research, transcribing is great!

Just go to https://www.familysearch.org/volunteer/indexing and take a test drive... you won't regret it!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Unravelling: either family relations or my brain

So a while back I posted some updates from Calvary Cemetery, some people who seemed to be related to the Fragassi's but I couldn't quite put my finger on how... We knew we had Michael Fragassi there because of his 1939 death certificate. While talking to the people at the cemetery, they mentioned they had a couple graves belonging to Frank and Mary Fragassi, which had me jumping in my seat because of the "Uncle Frank" character whom Rocky's kids got to know... sorta...

Mary Fragassi, also known as Angelina Marietta Fragasi Nicassio in the cemetery records, was born in Italy April 3, 1892- dod August 26, 1971 Social Security Death Index has spelling FRAGAS, The California Death Index has FRAGASI, MARY born 1892 04 03 FEMALE from IT died in LOS ANGELES 1971 08 26 ssn 570182702 age 79 record #3920645

This is more or less confirmed by the 1940 US census, which shows Frank Fragassi's wife to be Angelina, also confirmed by the city directories of the time. Frank and Michael's mother's name is rumored to be Angelina, so that's a coincidence his wife's name is the same...

So when did Frank die, and where is Frank buried? Not with his wife... but there are two others that are in the Fragasi-owned digs... Mike Nicassio and Mary Fragasi are in Grave 6, L-378, Section R, Charles Paglia is in Grave 5. And who are these guys? Well, if you look at the snapshot above there are two young fellas Frank claims as his sons, but they have a different last name.
Both are born in California, one presumably in 1918 and the other in 1922. CABI search using 191% (wild card for any year in the teens) and Distas% (to pick up spelling variants) yields this ->

Ok... How about the 1922ish birth? Well we have a possible match... Either Peter Destaso born May 30, 1920 to a Russo... or Peter Distashio born May 23 of 1922 to a Gasparda... I wonder what Angelina's maiden name was?... Or maybe these were kids he'd adopted.

So then I look for Charles Paglia, because he's next to Mary Fragasi... Charles was born 17 April 1911 in California, according to the California Death Index... he died 13 Feb 1983 in Los Angeles, age 71.

Mike Nicassio died in 1972 at the age of 43. He's also next to Mary. He was born Nov 27, 1928 but doggone it if the CADI does not have a mother's maiden name... I ran that birth date in the CABI with Los Angeles and start of first name MI... nuttin... ran again without the MI... meh... I don't think so, even with a lot of results...

Took off the date except the year and month and BAM!
Well THAT one is good! Crimany sakes... I'm going to have to come back to this, my head's spinning...

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